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What's Inside The Fabotiq


Trainng Resources

- Social Media
- Business and Legal
- Online Boutique
- Photography Tips

Realtime Support

- Daily Email Support
- Face-to-face Training
- Online Chat
- Boutique Community

Courses & Webinars

- Content Creator Academy
- Social Media Workshops
- Start-Up Your Boutique
- E-Boutique Mastermind

Blogcast & Podcast

- Share your story with us
- Interview with Designers
- Your Boutique Show
- Expert Speakers

Fabotiq Members


Want to get in touch with growing boutique owners community, trusted wholesale brands and new trendy designers? Just hit the button for quick introduction today

What's Inside The Fabotiq


Models & Ambassadors

- Content Creators
- Boutique Influencers
- Affiliate Marketing
Self Efficient Professionals

Wholesale Marketplace

- Discover Trendy Designers
- Connect with Trusted Brands
- Get Special Offers
- Quick and Safe

Logistic Solutions

- Cost Free Solutions
- Worldwide Delivery
- Next Day Nationwide
- Free Delivery Options

Boutique Marketplace

- Worldwide shoppers
- New traffic to your store
- Affiliate - Influencers Network
- Drive sale with new channels

Are you a brand or designer?


Join the boutique industry club, build your own community and increase retention. Showcase your collections, engage with your customers and send them targetted messages

What's Inside The Fabotiq


Fabotiq Awards

- Your Favourite Boutique
- The Best Menstore
- Top Online Shop
- Social Media Winner

Member Exclusive Offers

- Boutique Service Providers
- Insurance Packages
- Professional Services
- PR, Media and Marketing

Life Events

- Local Fashion Shows
- Community Meet-ups
- Boutique Owners Camp
- Fabotiq Summit and more

Boutique Stationery

- 2022 Boutique Owner Diary
- Boutique Weekly Planner
- Desk Tear-off Notepad
- Boutique Bestie Notebook

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